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This the property of
SARL Stoecklé Michèle and Jean-Luc
9, Grand'rue 68230 Katzenthal

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Its content consists of its general architecture, texts, images and the graphic charter that make up the site. Use or reproduction of all or part of this site is prohibited.

We remind you in accordance with the evin law that alcohol abuse is harmful to health, to be consumed in moderation. Prohibited to minors. The consumption of alcoholic beverages during pregnancy, even in small quantities, can have serious consequences on the health of the child.

Production: igor buhl, sophie margot and fanny stoecklé, on behalf of sarl Stoeckle in Katzenthal
Photographs: Stoecklé, Elise Rebiffé, Civa, Hugo des Vosges and Alexande Perilleux.

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This is only to better the site to the demands of its visitors, we measure the number of visits, the number of page views as well as visitor activity on the site and their frequency of return.

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